Increase Your Capacity to Lead Yourself & Others. Mindfully.

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Meeting you where you are, in turbulent times and beyond. Co-creating your better than normal. 

What if I said, “We are in this together.”

And actually meant it.

That is exactly what I am saying. 

And, I do mean it.

Ninette Hupp mindful leadership coach, trainer & speaker

As your coach I’m here to:


Share the practices & tools used by resilient achievers &
leaders around the world.

Provide the framework, direction & feedback enabling you to:

→ Rediscover & Unleash Your Inner Resources
→ Create Innovative Options
→ Elevate Your Success, Life Satisfaction & Wellbeing

My leadership coaching will help you mindfully navigate
transitions and accelerate your growth. 

As Simon Sinek says, “Alone is hard. Together is better.”  

We will spark your growth by:

Managing Change

Building Momentum

Expanding Possibilities

Achieving Results

“Ninette is genuine and passionate about what she does. This is what she’s meant to do!” — Morgan R.

Join me for a FREE Mindful Monday Break
to close out 2020 & ring in 2021!

Over the next five Mondays I am offering 15-minute breaks twice a day,
12/14 – 1/11 @ 10:30am EST & 6:30pm EST.


This is my gift to everyone that has been impacted directly or indirectly by COVID-19 this year.

This will provide an opportunity to be with others sharing gratitude and support.

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