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Tired of dealing with life’s challenges on your own?

Move beyond feeling overwhelmed, stuck or just spent. Uncover available resources. And add new ones. Create space and energy for what matters to you.

I am here to help.

Meeting you where you are, in challenging times and beyond. Co-creating your better than normal. 

For over a decade, I have helped clients gain resources in two key areas that are intimately related to enhancing overall wellbeing and life satisfaction:

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Get practical tools to help relieve your chronic stress in real time. Increase your ability to notice and address stressors before they take over.

Two hands coming together each holding a puzzle piece that connects to the other

Rediscover your innate abilities and capacity. Connect with yourself. Bring new light, fresh energy, and reliable resources to your personal and professional life.

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What if I said, “We are in this together” and actually meant it? Because that’s exactly what I am saying.

As your coach, I am here to help you:


Manage Stress More Easily & Effectively

Enhance Your Overall Wellbeing & Success

Lead Yourself & Your Life More Confidently

I’m Ninette, a compassionate problem solver, deeply invested in helping others live their lives more fully & purposefully.

Gain access to the breadth & depth of my 20+ years of professional & personal experience. I am here to share with you my knowledge, skills and expertise.

Since completing my graduate studies at University of Pennsylvania, I have enjoyed years of training with the founders of the most renowned stress management, mindfulness and resilience programs.

When coaching clients I bring:

  • passion for making a positive, meaningful difference
  • an ability to see possibilities, identify strengths and make connections that others might miss
  • a sincere, curious, playful (yes, playful!) and compassionate nature

As your coach, I’m here to:

1) Listen

2) Share evidence-based tools used by resilient achievers

3) Provide the framework, direction & feedback enabling you to:

→ Rediscover & Unleash Your Inner Resources
→ Focus on What Really Matters to You
→ Elevate Your Success, Life Satisfaction & Wellbeing

I look forward to connecting with you soon, meeting you where and as you are, and supporting your current and future endeavors!


“From my first conversation with Ninette, I experienced breathing deeper, settling into my body and slowing down my racing thoughts. Her presence, her training, and then a workshop I signed up for gifted me the opportunity to learn new grounding techniques, connect with other amazing people, and carve out space to get present. Ninette is a special breed that will ignite a person’s soul!”

Jessica, Recruiting Executive, Mindful Leadership participant

Interested in exploring how I can support you?