Having someone in your corner is priceless

I’m Ninette, the partner for your journey.

Life is a trip, isn’t it?
Stops. Starts.
Valleys. Peaks.

What if you had someone by your side
to help navigate your journey? 

That is what I’m here to do with you.

The Journey We Share

From a young age, I chose to travel a path of lifelong learning, exploration and growth.  Over time, I realized how much I love supporting others on their chosen paths.

Like you, my journey has included its share of challenges, both good and bad. At times my stress level has exceeded overload, putting incredible wear and tear on both my body and mind. Admittedly, during these times, I haven’t always handled things the most gracefully. But, as cliché as it may sound, out of my greatest challenges have come profound understanding, deep compassion and meaningful opportunities. Mindfulness has had a tremendous impact on how I relate to myself, to others, to my work and to stress.

I believe that we are at our best when we are purposefully living our lives – not someone else’s life.


We do this by tapping into our inner wisdom and leading from within. This energizes us, freeing us not only to see what is possible, but to experience what is most fulfilling. 

The most satisfied and successful among us already do this. Why not join them?

My mission is to provide coaching and training to growth-oriented individuals like you. To meet you where and as you are. To be your sounding board, momentum builder and trusted ally. To support your long-term success and overall wellbeing.

Two of the greatest strengths that I bring to clients are being a catalyst and a confidante.

Catalyst icon showing letter C with an upward line symbol for sparking positive action or movement transition


An event or person that initiates or accelerates a change or movement in a desired direction.

Confidante icon showing letter C with a circle inside representing trust, safety, inclusion, protection & inner circle


A person with whom private matters and challenges are discussed freely and openly.


“Ninette helped me to gently move forward towards my new journey in life. She is a coach whose presence brings to mind a place of sanctuary. Her clear attention, calm demeanor, reassuring words, and insightful questions, all wrap around in a way that provides safety and an opportunity to access what is at one’s heart. Ninette‘s presence and coaching style is a gift to others.”

—Chris, HR executive

Highlights of my professional experience:

10+ years
of stress management & mindfulness coaching across sectors

10+ years
in academia, designing & delivering stress management, mindfulness and interdisciplinary wellness programs at Princeton University and other colleges

5+ years
in leadership development & management consulting across sectors

5+ years
in healthcare coaching, consulting, program design and delivery

Let’s talk about how I can help you.